Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Rivalry with UCA

Whether or not we get a basketball game worked out, I am glad to see us playing UCA in baseball. It is a natural rivalry and one that ought to be cultivated.

Trojan records not likely to be broken

Per the media guide, these are records (season or career) that are at least 20% above second-best, and therefore unlikely to be broken.

Larry Johnson 1315
Muntrelle Dobbins 1010

Larry Johnson 113
Larry Johnson 82

Vaughn Williams 259
Derek Fisher 184

Larry Johnson 265
Muntrelle Dobbins 158

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Playing at a higher level?

Who do we have on the roster who might play at a higher level? The most obvious prospect is James White. He would have to develop a lot to play in the NBA (small forward size with a power forward game), but probably will find a place overseas. We have several others who might end up at that level, but will need to hone their skills first.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Better lucky than good

The year we went to the NCAA tournament we were not very good, but we were lucky. We got hot at the right time and made some shots that we would not ordinarily make. The year we won 23 games we were pretty good, but not lucky. I value the good years much more than the lucky years, but it sure helps to be lucky.

How many redshirts will we have?

I really like redshirts. I believe that (especially at our level) maturity (both physical and emotional) goes a long way toward making a successful progam. These are the redshirts listed on our current roster: Mareik Isom, Gus Leeper, Andrew Poulter, J. T. Thomas, James White. Until we prune the two excess scholarships spots we have, the final number is in doubt, but it is possible that we could have 5/13ths (38%)  of the roster as redshirts.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

How good WILL we be?

That is a question that is impossible to answer. How good could we be? Pretty good, if every player plays up to his ability. We could be as good as anyone in the conference. But it is an unreasonable expectation that every player will be at his very best, so we are stuck with, "How good will we be?"

However, every once in a while a program has one of those wonderful seasons when everything seems to come together. The closest we have come to that is the 23-win season in John Fowler's senior year. We are due for another.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Could "One and done" be going away?

Even as the NBA prepares for a draft that could be headlined by freshmen, Commissioner Adam Silver remains committed to keeping them in college.
Silver is moving cautiously on potential changes to areas such as the lottery format and playoff structure, but makes it clear that raising the draft age limit to abolish the so-called ''one and done'' is one of his priorities.So much so that NCAA President Mark Emmert was invited to discuss his involvement with owners.
[The above if from Yahoo Sports from an article by Brian Mahoney.] LINK