Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Another name adjustment

We became Little Rock. Several other teams have made some changes in their handle. Given that they had one of the most unwieldly of monickers, IUPUI-Fort Wayne wisely changed to Purdue Fort Wayne. (I wonder how long it will be before they slash the Purdue and become just Fort Wayne.)

Monday, November 19, 2018

"What's wrong with . . . ?"

When a program has a dominant run, but then hits a bump in the road, fans always ask the natural question, "What is wrong with (fill in the blank)?" This year, it is Villanova. After two or three years when they were the best team in the USA over that spread, they seem to have returned to something a little closer to normalcy. They lost more than they expected to the pros, and they are not quite the one-and-done machine that Duke and Kentucky are, so it hurt them. They will be back, and soon. But most things are relative, and compared to what they had been, their current two-game losing streak is a matter for concern. But they were saying the same thing when San Fransisco started losing during Bill Russell's days, or when UCLA came down from absolute dominance during Wooden's tenure. It is the way of life. Villanova just happens to be the current occupant of the blank to be filled in.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Porter's Proverb pays off

Remember what Coach Porter Moser used to say when he was coach at Little Rock? "Pass up a good shot in order to get a better shot." He took a little criticism for that one from the fan base. But Porter got the last laugh. Lindy's magazine says of the Loyola Ramblers: "In short, they had the willingness and the skills to make extra passes worthwhile." That word worthwhile meant going to the Final Four.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

I have moved the first step in optimism

I am satisfied that this team will not be awful this season (like they were last year). I am not yet sure what the upside is, but it seems obvious that 1) we have some talent, and 2) that Walker is not a total wash as a coach, at least. So, that bodes positively for the future - whether this season or further along I could not yet say.

Friday, November 16, 2018

Think we have attendance problems?

(per Lindy's) For the second straight season, Cleveland State drew fewer total fans for the season than the nearby NBA Cavaliers drew for one game. So . . . they are remaking their roster. That would be a tough market.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Can Tubby do it?

Coach Smith is no longer young, but he has proven himself to be a program builder deluxe. He has returned to his alma mater for what is probably his last coaching stop. Can he take High Point to the NCAA, and in so doing set the record for coaches? Lindy's picks them right in the middle of the 11-team conference, but says they have the firepower to climb further if they have better shot selection. I would love to see Tubby do it.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Mac McClung

If you haven't heard the news, Mac McClung has started his first three games at Georgetown, as a true freshman. That's Georgetown, who has not had a white head coach since Big John Thompson began his career there in the 1972-73 season. The current occupant of that job is Patrick Ewing, also black, very big, and one of the greatest centers in basketball history. He saw and recruited this white kid from Gate City, VA (population 2034). He broke the Virginia High School League scoring previous held by Allen Iverson. Below is a link to a highlight video. Keep in mind that this is a white kid, only 6-2.


And you are not likely to get too much of a big-head when you have this guy scowling down at you from his 6-11 perspective.

Image result for patrick ewing

Our big guys are making their shots

I realize the sample is very small and the competition has been weak. Still, it is encouraging to see that Kris Bankston is 13 of 15 from the field, and Nikola Maric is 7 of 10. When your big guys make their shots, it automatically creates problems that the other team has to solve before they start worrying about your gunners. I like it!

Tuesday, November 13, 2018


Campbell has the nation's leading returning scorer. They were 36th nationally in effective FG percentage. On the offensive side, everything is rosey. BUT they also were 294th nationally in adjusted efficiency on defense. Not good. You have to play the entire game, fellows.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Guard shallow

Lindy's says, "The [Weber State] Wildcats have become guard shallow in a guard-deep league." Of course, the expression "guard deep" describes most everyone these days, since 3-point shooting is the main focus of the game and big men, unless you can get one-and-dones, are rarely more than role players. But for a team in the Big Sky Conference, Weber State is indeed big:

6-10, 6-10, 6-9, 6-9, 6-9, 6-8, 6-8.

Three of them are from Europe.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Next time I hope it is Kentucky

I was glad to see a 16 seed finally beat a 1 seed, but I really hated it that it was Virginia. I really like Tony Bennett and I like his style (defense first). After another generation there probably will be similar upset, but next time I hope it is a team I really dislike, perhaps Kentucky?

Saturday, November 10, 2018

At what point does D1 become a farce?

For teams to be in the same classification, there has to be at least some comparison in ability. There has to be at least an outside chance, however vague, of an upset. High school teams and D1 teams are not the same classification for that reason (among others). Yes, we had the first 1 over 16 upset in NCAA history this past season; and yes, Texas Southern just beat ranked WV. Still, the bottom feeder teams of the bottom feeder conferences are just so much cannon fodder for the top tier of teams. Division 1 basketball has swelled to 353 teams. Sagarin says Duke would beat MVSU by 47 points, but the truth is that Duke could win by as many as they wanted to win by.

I realize that upsets are what makes D1 basketball interesting, and that every once in a while a true David does beat Goliath. But there are limits. Each season the better D2 teams are MUCH better than the bottom tier of D1 teams. At what point should there be an adjustment?

Friday, November 9, 2018

Walker's critical moment

I realize that it is the first game of the season, first game of a career. I realize it was against a D2 team. I do not expect things to be clicking like a clock at this point of the season.

HOWEVER . . . "on court discipline" is not a phrase that jumped out at me after watching the highlights of the game last night. And that is OK in the first game. BUT, it has to happen. It MUST happen, and soon. If not, this team will never reach its potential. If not, this team will never advance past the playground, past what pure athleticism will produce.

Probably the most outstanding aspect of Chris Beard's coaching style is that he demands on-court discipline: you play his way, or you don't play. Flanigan did not do that, and was a disaster. We did not do that last night, and narrowly averted a disaster.

It is NOT the head coach's job to be liked by his players. It IS his job to run the program in such a way that he will be respected by his players (if they have the proper attitude). Walker coached in the NBA, but the pros are not noted for disciplined play. I suspect the same is true of D2 basketball, where he also coached.

"You play the right way, or you don't play." Good coaches make players play the way they ought to play, instead of letting them play the way they want to play. Coach Walker is at a critical moment in his D1 coaching career. Is he going to be the players' friend, or the players' coach?

Will another great win streak start this season?

Here is an interesting article about the longest winning streaks in basketball history. We won't see that type of sustained success until one-and-done is eliminated.


UCLA basketball

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Never say "die"

Want to teach the kids you are coaching that you should never give up? Just point them to the Stony Brook-George Washington game from last night. They were down 22-0 to start the game (and the season, for that matter) and came back to win in overtime. That probably is not the biggest deficit ever overcome, but it will do for the time being.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Lovely to behold

I don't like Duke - at all. Coach K is one of those Rent-a-Championship sorts who ought to be coaching in the pros (since he is, virtually) instead of cluttering up the college landscape. However, just knowing that Kentucky got beat by 34 points? Ahhhhhh! Satisfying!

Tuesday, November 6, 2018


Obviously, we do not have any centers on this team, so we will be playing smallball this season. However, taking a look at who might fill the 5 position: Nikola Maric is the tallest player on the roster by two inches. After him there are four 6-8 players. Of those the two heaviest are Hadzic and Koljanin. That means that our three biggest players are all European, and they are famous for not wanting to work on the low post. Maybe these will. Or maybe that job will fall to Bankston. In the final analysis, the inside spots are going to be mix and match, anyway, this season, so it does not really matter.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Where Lindy's picked our D1 non-conference opponents

Tenn State - 7 of 12 OVU
Nevada - 5th in the nation
Tulsa - 9 of 12 AAC
Howard - 2 of 12 MEAC
UCA - 2 of 13 Southland
Sam Houston - 9 of 13 Southland
Bradley - 4 of 10 MVC
Memphis - 8 of 12 AAC
Georgetown - 9 of 10 Big East

By way of reference, they pick us 12 of 12 in the SBC.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Porter did not make a move

I have no way of knowing for sure what nibbles Porter Moser got after Loyola's remarkable season, but I think it is safe to say that he could have made a move to a power conference school if he had so desired. He is a known quantity, and has now shown he can win at the highest level. I assume that he was comfortable with staying at Loyola long-term, since he did not jump at the chance to leave. Maybe he is looking to rebuild the Ramblers program to its former glory (they were NCAA champs in 1963 and have been to the Sweet 16 four times). In any case, I consider him one of the good guys in the game and certainly expect more good things out of Loyola.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

This is getting ridiculous

CBS says that we have had six straight seasons in which a record has been set for the number of made 3-pointers in basketball. That does not surprise anyone who is paying attention. Basketball is turning more and more into a game of HORSE.