Sunday, December 8, 2019

Krutwig still at it

We all remember Loyola's storybook run to the Final Four. Remember the big kid in the middle who was far from athletic, but who just got the job done? Kyle Krutwig. Well, he is still big, and he is still getting the job, and he still is not athletic.

Krutwig is 6-9, 255#. He is not going to lead your fast breaks. However, he leads the team in scoring at 16.7 ppg and pulls down 7.1 boards per game. He shoots 65% from the field and hits 88% of his attempts from the line. And what is really amazing for a big man, he has 42 assists against only 26 turnovers. No, he is not one of your five-star players who can leap out of the gym and who gets on Sports Center regularly. But I assure you that virtually every coach in the country would love to have him right now.

Saturday, December 7, 2019

Has to be defense for Irvin

Second-year Chicago State coach Lance Irvin had been happy with the offense coming from new juco transfer Xavier Johnson, but . . .

"You have to be able to guard, and I'm not really happy until you guard."

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Go Cougars!

Chicago State beat Edwardsville 89-81 for their first D1 win of the season and their first D1 road win in three years.

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Pack Line Pledge

Virginia runs the Pack Line defense, which at least so far this year has been stifling. Hoos fans are so bought into defense that they have a charitable function called the Pack Line Pledge:

For those of you who don’t remember, for every Pack Line Pledge game — that is, for every game that the Cavaliers hold their opponents to under 55 — Pack Line Pledge participants will donate a set amount to the One Love Foundation in honor of Yeardley Love. The better the Hoos’ defense over the course of the year, the more money gets donated towards raising awareness of relationship violence.

In case you are wondering, Virginia has missed the Pledge mark only once, and then only by a point. They beat Vermont 61-55.

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Three questions

When you go to hire a coach, there are three questions to which you must have answers.

1. Is he a good basketball teacher? Can he convey to the players the right way to play the game?

2. Will he enforce discipline, on and off the court?

3. Can he identify a first-class recruiter to put among his assistants?

Fine someone who gets a "yes" answer to all three, and you have a good coach.

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Turn Coupet loose

On a team that is distinctively challenged from the 3-point line, we have only two players at present shooting well enough to have anything approaching the Green Light from the coach: Nowell and Coupet. Nowell evidently has had the go-ahead to shoot any time from any where since the first time he stepped inside the Little Rock city limits. At the moment Coupet is 13 of 29 for 44.8%. Granted that that is a fairly limited sample of attempts, but it is second-most on the team.

Ben Coupet is 6-7, which means he is tall enough to shoot over most of the perimeter players who will be guarding him. Nowell, obviously, is not. I hope that Walker is encouraging Coupet to cut loose when he has a shot from outside, because right now we do not have many options.

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Nowell at the line

As might be expected for someone as quick as he is, Markquis Nowell shoots a lot of free throws. Thankfully, he shoots them very well - 86.4% so far. He and Kamani Johnson have been real weapons for us at the line so far.

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Coupet as advertised

We were told that Ben Coupet was going to be a big plus for this team, and that is how it has worked out. He has started from Day One, averaged almost 35 minutes per game on a short roster. He shoots 48% overall, leads the team from the arc at 44%, and pulls down 6.4 rpg. Plus he averages double figures scoring at 11.8 ppg. Not much more we could ask from the kid.

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Duke goes DOWN!

The Stephen F. Austin Lumberjacks put away #1 Duke. And what is even more amazing is that they only attempted ten 3-pointers in the entire overtime game - and only made two of them. The entire nation (except for a little corner of NC) is rejoicing.

Monday, November 25, 2019

Turnovers are going to kill us

This bunch has the potential to be a pretty good team, and Walker is showing signs of actually coaching. At times our defense and rebounding have been good. We don't shoot the 3 well, but we shoot well enough overall to make up for it to some extent. Nice things have been happening.

But turnovers are going to kill us. Is Walker going to have to take a 2X4 to Nowell to convince him that he is a point guard? Or, if he is not willing to run the team, pass the job to someone else and just let Nowell be a (hugely) undersized shooting guard, since that is what he is playing, anyway. Way, way too many turnovers. It looked like early on that he might have gotten that out of his system after his freshman season.

As I write, Nowell has 25 turnovers against only 32 assists. Now, that admittedly works out to 5.3 assists per game, which is very nice. But that is an assist/turnover ratio of only 1.28. Assists are fine; turnovers are way out of line. And the problem is that there is no one sitting on the bench who has shown any sign of doing better. Lottie is even worse.

Sunday, November 24, 2019

The Cavs give opponents the Boo-Hoos

It happened once again. Arizona State is averaging 42.9% overall, but they shot 40.5% against Virginia. They are averaging 30.6% from the arc, but they shot 26.3% against the Hoos. Time after time, with very few exceptions, teams shoot less than their average against Virginia. And it is not because of dazzling athleticism, either.

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Shooting more and enjoying it less

Back in the old days when cigarette commercials could be on the airwaves, there was one jingle that went, "Are you smoking more and enjoying it less? Have a real cigarette, have a Camel."

Some players and teams could almost change that to, "Are you shooting more and enjoying it less?" Easy answer to that one: take good shots. Have the right people shooting in the right situation, not forcing their shots. And dunks are good medicine for anyone enjoying shooting less. (Just ask Kris Bankston about that.)

Friday, November 22, 2019

A big night at the Garden

Patrick Ewing played for the New York Knicks, and he went back to Madison Square Garden for one of the biggest wins of his young college coaching career. He has a talented team that has not quite put things together, but they took a big step in the right direction by beating #22 Texas. The Hoyas got some timely help off the bench when starting big man Yurtseven got in foul trouble and hung on for an 82-66 win. There is a compelling story unfolding in the nation's capital, and Ewing is showing the ability to actually coach, helping this team get better.

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Examining Nowell's shooting

He is 5-7 (and probably not really even that). Yet at the moment he is shooting 47.3% overall, a number that most coaches would be satisfied to have from their centers. And he is shooting 32.3% from the arc, a number that most coaches would expect to have from their centers. He is 5-7, and he is more adept shooting inside than he is from the outside. Strange.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

A tribute to defense

Virginia is #7 in the latest AP poll. You say that is not surprising for the defending national champs. True. However, they are shooting a miserable 39.8% overall and an absolutely pathetic 20.3% from the arc. How can you shoot that badly and be #7 in the nation?

The answer is defense - so far this year defense and rebounding. Opponents are making one out of every four shots they attempt. Virginia has a staggering Plus-13 margin on the boards. Plus they have turned the ball over an average of less than 12 times per game. Yes, they do need to get their offense straightened out, but in the meantime they are doing the other things SO well that it is more than overcoming their offensive deficiencies.

Monday, November 18, 2019

What happened to Oral Roberts?

We used to play them, but it hasn't happened in a while. Why? That is a natural rivalry, and we have had some good, close games. I particularly remember one buzzer-beater in which one of their post guys just threw the ball at the goal as time ran out - and it went in. Sutton, their coach, just shrugged his shoulders and spread his hands as if to say, "Sometimes it happens." Good non-conference rivalries are a big plus to a program, in my opinion.

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Johnson will be a good one

I don't think I will have to go very far out on a limb to predict that Kamani Johnson is going to be a good player for us. Through three games, he is leading the team in rebounds per game (7.7), and he is averaging twelve minutes per games less playing time than the person in second place (Coupet). You have to go back to the Jones-Jennings days to find a player who had a better rebounds per game average for a season. The good news is that he is only a sophomore. And keep in mind that JJ was here only for his junior and senior seasons. It might be a stretch, but Kamani might just be in his class before he leaves Little Rock. We can hope so.

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Heath is better than that

Stan Heath is currently the head coach of the Lakeland Magic in the NBA G-League (which means that he is a minor league coach).

I realize that Heath was not the most successful D-1 head coach, but I think he deserves better than that. He took Kent State to the Elite Eight in his only year there, which earned him the Arkansas job. He was not very successful there, but he did take them to the NCAA Tournament his last two seasons there, with back-to-back 20+ win seasons. But, he did not play Nolanball, so he got canned.

He moved on to South Florida, where he lost more than he won, but he did have two 20-win seasons, and they had not had one in 20 seasons before that, and have only had one in five seasons since he left. Looks to me like having the only 20 win seasons in a generation ought to mean something.

I just think Heath deserves better than being a minor league coach. I am sure he is not starving, and he may be on the waiting list for a step up to the NBA itself. Or maybe another D1 job will come open for him. I hope so.

Friday, November 15, 2019

The McClung disease

The Mac McClung story is a great one - an athletic small-town white kid who gets recruited by a legendary black coach to a predominantly black school. And McClung has the athleticism to go head-to-head against the inner-city kids and more than hold his own. I hope the kid does well in his career there, and Big Patrick is to be congratulated for signing him. He is a prodigious talent.

BUT McClung has started from day one, and Georgetown has little to show for it. Sure, he scores a lot of points, but he takes a lot of shots to do it, and he is not making his teammates better (not many assists), and he turns the ball over too much for his position. To put it proverbally, he is more exciting than he is good.

So far this season he is averaging 8.0 ppg, which is third on the team. But his shooting has been pathetic: 30.8% overall and 18.2% from the arc. He has had only five assists in three games, against six turnovers. Last year McClung averaged 13.1 ppg, but again he shot only 39.2% overall and 27.7% from the arc. And he had 59 turnovers against 58 assists.

Those are numbers that would get most players benched. And Casual Hoya blogger Whipple said after the embarrassing loss to Penn State, "It seems like the only way to fix Mac McClung and James Akinjo is with a dose of their classmate in the starting lineup. It can’t hurt." In other words, sit them on the bench until they learn how to play.

There is a lot of McClung Disease in college basketball these days. Forget fundamentals, as long as what you do looks good. Try to be like the guys on ESPN Sports Center. Don't worry about whether or not your college team wins, as long as you make it to the NBA. I wish I had a vaccine for it.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

DePaul used to be pretty good

Last season was DePaul's first winning season in 12 years - and that just barely. When programs really stink up the gym for an extended period, sometimes it is easy to forget that they used to be really good, and DePaul is a case in point. They have been to two Final Fours and once had seven consecutive 20-win seasons, not to mention a coach (Ray Meyer) who won 724 games.