Sunday, April 20, 2014

How good WILL we be?

That is a question that is impossible to answer. How good could we be? Pretty good, if every player plays up to his ability. We could be as good as anyone in the conference. But it is an unreasonable expectation that every player will be at his very best, so we are stuck with, "How good will we be?"

However, every once in a while a program has one of those wonderful seasons when everything seems to come together. The closest we have come to that is the 23-win season in John Fowler's senior year. We are due for another.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Could "One and done" be going away?

Even as the NBA prepares for a draft that could be headlined by freshmen, Commissioner Adam Silver remains committed to keeping them in college.
Silver is moving cautiously on potential changes to areas such as the lottery format and playoff structure, but makes it clear that raising the draft age limit to abolish the so-called ''one and done'' is one of his priorities.So much so that NCAA President Mark Emmert was invited to discuss his involvement with owners.
[The above if from Yahoo Sports from an article by Brian Mahoney.] LINK

UAFS coach mentions former Trojan Kelson Stewart

In describing the play of his new recruit, Brett Cannon, UAFS head coach Josh Newman referred back to one of his past players (and a former Trojan), Kelson Stewart:

Newman said Cannon is comparable in a lots of ways to current UAFS guard Seth Youngblood and former Lions guard Kelson Stewart. "He's a little bit like Seth in that he can score with the basketball and shoot from the perimeter, but he's going to be more physical than Seth," Newman said. "He might be a little like a Kelson Stewart, too, in terms of size and physicality. Brett's probably more athletic than Kelson. He's kind of the hybrid combo guard."

Attitudes toward recruiting

It is always nice to dream of that "home run" recruit who can come in and make an immediate difference to the whole program. It is more realistic, however, since we will not be getting any "one-and-doners," to think in terms of incremental steps. The players we get will be of material help in their upper-class seasons. Before then, anything we meaningful we get from them is just gravy. That means, of course, that jucos are going to have to be contributors from the get-go, and that is one of the risks of juco-only recruiting. Right now we have a nice mix. Our current class is all juco (probably because Shields is feeling the heat), but mixed with them are some nice players who were freshmen when they entered the program, and who are beginning to show signs of helping. Josh Hagins, of course, has been a player from the start, but Isom and Billings have come along more slowly. Same with Gus Leeper, who should be a solid force for us next season, even if not spectacular.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Will there be any depth problems?

Right now we have lots of depth - but our roster is two over the allowable limit. So, two players are going to be cut, and two players are currently hurt, who might not be cut. That combination could leave us shorthanded in certain positions next year. Hopefully not, but until we know the final roster, it will be impossible to tell.

Disappointing but encouraging run against ranked teams

(Baseball) How can it be both? Well, we lost four in a row against teams in the Top 20. However, we were within three runs in all but the first game with ULL. In others words, we did not get blown out against two very good teams.

Three point guards

We have four point guards on the current inflated roster. (Josh Hagins is probably more properly a combo guard and the 2 spots is his more natural position, but he can play a very good point. Kemy Osse is a shooting guard, but has played point at times.) This stood us in very good stead last season when J. T. Thomas was injured, and then later Kemy Osee. If we had not had Hagins in the wings, we would have been in a world of hurt.

Thomas is still hurt, but it appears that he would be back in service by next season. Kemy Osse can also play point in a pinch, but his recovery appears to be a little longer than J. T.'s'. We have two players who will not be back next season (assuming all the incoming players make it). We definitely need three point guards on the roster. Who will they be?