Thursday, March 26, 2015

One real gift the new coach will have

Two experienced point guards (presumably) coming back. That is nothing to sneeze at any season, and especially your first one at a program, and maybe your first one as a head coach.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The coaching hire will be the ADs decision - period

This is his first big step in his new job - his new career. No one in his right mind would let someone else make this decision for him at this point. He might take input, but he will make the decision. He definitely will want it to be the right hire, and he will want it to be a home run. He might not make it, but that is what he will be swinging for.

Lonnie McClanahan scored the old-fashioned way

It is very unusual in this day of the dominance of the 3-point shot to find a guard leading his team in scoring without shooting from the arc, but that is just what Arlington's McClanahan did. He is 6-1 and led UTA with 11.6 ppg. However, he attempted only five 3-pointers in the entire season. It is just as well, because he missed all of them. He actually completed a lot of 3-pointers, but he did it the old-fashioned way, by making a free throw at the end. He shot 168 free throws, by far the most on the team.

My interest wanes as the tournament continues

In the first place, there are just fewer teams to keep up with, and so the play does not require as much attention. But further than that, since I usually root for underdogs (smaller teams), there generally are fewer of them in the tournament at that point, and so there is just less to interest me. By the time we get to the Final Four, as often as not all the teams there I either positively dislike, or I just have no interest in them.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Nice win for Trojans golf


Linus Yip finished third.

Linus Yip 1893598

Why would Gregg Marshall want to go to Alabama?

Maybe he needs the money, but I cannot imagine that. I am sure he is compensated past any reasonable need at Wichita State. At the moment he is King of the Hill in Kansas, and there is every reason to think he can keep the program at a high level.

Furthermore, Kansas is a basketball state. People are passionate about it there. Alabama could not care less about basketball. Even if he were to win a national title there, people would mention it briefly and then go back to talking about football recruiting. Other than possibly money, there is absolutely no reason for him to go to Alabama.

Belt teams doing well in the "other" tournaments

Louisiana has won two games in the CIT, and Monroe two games in the CBI. In all honesty, those two wins probably tell us more about the quality of Sun Belt basketball than Georgia State's win in the NCAA. Nice showing by the teams from the great state of Loo-siana.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Trojans pulling foreign talent again

Golf team members from Chile, Sweden, Bolivia and Australia (2).

Georgia State's win

Georgia State’s win in the NCAA tournament was good publicity for them. It may have garnered their coach a shot at a higher level job. It no doubt increased the NBA stock of his son. It got the school a moment in the spotlight.

However, outside of a minute nudging of the conference RPI, I doubt it did very much good for the conference as a whole. The announcers may have mentioned the Sun Belt in their comments, but not very many fans across the nation will know much about us, before or after GaState’s games. Impressions are fleeting when you are outside the glare of the bright lights, and that definitely is where the Belt is on the national scene

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Wichita State does it.

They have endured the same problem we have of being ignored in a condescending manner by the Big Boy in their state. And now they beat Kansas, and beat them solidly. I love it, I love it! The little guys wins every once in a while.


Rejoicing over beating the little guys

It is just a little bit disgusting to see teams like Kentucky with all their big-money talent whooping it up after they beat up on some lower-level team. I don't know - it just seems out of place. I do no expect them to be sorry about it, but a game like that is more like merely a day's work for them. Ho hum, and go home.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Illinois-Chigago has hired an Indiana assistant

Maybe we could get a high-profile assistant. This "at" school did it.

SEC goes down again!

Alabama loses in the NIT. I love it!

The good and bad of the NCAA tournament

If it were not for the tournament, many sports "fans" would never think about basketball. It would escape their notice altogether as they transition from the football season to the football recruiting period. But because there is relatively little going on in football for a few weeks, they condescend to become temporary "experts" about a sport they totally disregard for the rest of the year. So, the tournament does force basketball into the spotlight for a few short weeks.

However, the tournament gives a totally skewed view of the basketball season, because people in general (even real basketball fans) tend not to remember the season, but only the tournament - and the tournament is NOT the season. A team could be totally dominant in the regular season, to the point of making a case for being the greatest team of all time, and have one cold shooting night early in the tournament, then be largely forgotten by history because they did not win the tournament - and that is just not right.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Any head coach candidates?

Most of the speculation has centered on various assistant coaches who will be seeking the Little Rock job. It will be interesting to see (if we ever know) how many head coaches at whatever level put their names on the list.

John Wooden before UCLA

Most basketball fans' knowledge of John Wooden begins and ends with his legendary coaching career at UCLA. But there is a lot more to tell than that.

Wooden led Martinsville High School to the state championship finals three consecutive years, winning it in 1927. He was named All-State all three years.

Wooden attended college at Purdue, where they won the 1932 Helms National Championship. He was the first player to be named a three-time Consensus All-American. (His degree, by the way, was in English.)

Wooden coached high school for eleven years. His record was 218-42.

He coached two year at Indiana State, where they were 44-15.

Then, of course, there was his matchless record at UCLA. Not bad for a kid from Martinsville.

The mighty SEC

We are halfway through the second day of the NCAA tournament, and the SEC is down to Kentucky and Fayetteville, and the Hogs just barely survived. Of course, Kentucky will probably win it all, but that does not say much about who they had to play week in and week out through the conference schedule.

Brawl of the Wild

Here is a good name for a traditional rivalry.

BOTW Header

Just get the best candidate

There has been a lot of discussion about the fact that we ought to hire a candidate who favors a particular style, or who comes from a particular background, or who does or does not have Arkansas connections. I do not care at all about any of those. Just hire the best candidate. Period.

I wonder what Conque's top priority REALLY is

To a lot of fans (maybe even most fans) who are not responsible for the overall management of the department, the ONLY criteria for hiring a coach is winning basketball games. A lot of fans would not care if the coach was a graduate of State Pen U., as long as he wins. Every AD will give lip service to the first qualification being ethics, etc. etc., but what is it REALLY? Not knowing Mr. Conque, I cannot say. Time will tell.