Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Guard the baseline

Back when I was a kid, the thing that would get you the biggest chewing out was letting someone drive the baseline on you. Coaches would very forcefully plant a foot right by the line and tell you that if you are there, they can't get past you without going out of bounds. And if you did it during a game, it was guaranteed to get you jerked out of the game with a tongue-lashing by the bench, in front of the crowd. You don't hear much about that these days, though.

However, I did see someone comment on it on one website recently. The argument was that if you have a shot blocker on your team, then you definitely want to force the drivers away from the baseline toward the inside, because your big guy can pick them up there and prevent the shot. Makes sense to me. And we have a definite shot blocker - at least one. So no more baseline drives, Trojans!

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