Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Ivory's record

We all know that in the SWAC, success is a relative thing. Any team that wins more than two or three games in the non-conference season is probably headed for a banner year. So when we look at the record of UAPB's head coach George Ivory, we have to keep that in mind.

UAPB is his first head coaching gig. He had had several assistant spots in the SWAC before that. His main claim to fame is that he took the Golden Lions to the NCAA tournament in his second season (2010). That season also produced his highest win total (18) and was one of two winning seasons that he has had.

His problem is that in the last five seasons he has lost 20 games or more, and the other year he had 19 losses. And this year they stand at 3-22 already. That is unsatisfactory even by SWAC standards. However, on the plus side, he has had a winning record in conference the last two years.

I would hate to be the AD at a SWAC school. Judging success in basketball would be tough.

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