Thursday, February 13, 2020

Room to improve

The encouraging thing about this team is that, as well as we have done, there is still considerable room for improvement. And much of that improvement could happen even before this season is over, and certainly before the next one begins.

Markquis has improved the reliability of his ball handling as the season has progressed, but an assist/turnover ration of 1.31 is still not acceptable for your primary ball handler. But at least we are headed in the right direction. And Jaizec Lottie is at 1.52, which is not bad for a back-up ball handler.

Ruot Monyyong has attempted 32 three-pointers, which is not a lot, but that does not need to increase, seeing that he is making only 22% of them. If a big men needs to be shooting outside, it needs to be Maric.

Jaizec Lottie shoots a fair amount of free throws for the minutes he plays, but he does not make many of them. Nor does he make many 3-pointers. He could really help us if his shooting improves.

In the last half-dozen games, Jovan Stulic's 3-point shooting has taken off, after lagging all year. We needed that, and he needs to keep it up.

As a team, our perimeter defense needs some work. We are allowing opponents to shoot 36% from the arc, and they are shooting considerably more of them than we are. This is probably the Achilles heel of the team at the moment. We are vulnerable from the perimeter.

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