Saturday, February 1, 2020

More tranfers?!

Big Ten ADs are proposing loosening the transfer rule. This might (or might not) be good for the athletes, but it is terrible news for coaches and fans. Continuity is a huge factor in being either one of those. Coaches need to be able to plan ahead, and fans need to be able to fantacize. If you are letting players pop in and out of programs at a whim, it severely damages both of those.

If you are wanting to help players, then teach them to grow up. Tell them that life is hard, and they need to make good, informed decisions and then live with the consequences. What they do NOT need to be doing is shuttling their commitments every time some little thing does not go their way.

Sure, players need to be able to transfer, but there needs to be a cost. If I earn an academic scholarship to Blue University, and decide I want to transfer to Red University, is that decision going to be without consequences? I doubt it.

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